Oct 14, 2021



Public Interest Attorney (Part-Time)

Exciting & Innovative Part-Time Public Interest Attorneypositions available! Two Openings.
Make a difference with us! Make a living where you are!


Position Highlights:
Permanently work mostly remote from any U.S. state.
Primarily design your own schedule.
On call/As needed during reasonable hours of the day. From 0 to 10 hours per week.
Light workload of only one case per attorney! We strive to create a stress-free atmosphere.

Chief Counsel handles most direct interactions with clients (e.g., phone calls, follow up emails), thus freeing up your time to manage the case with little stress. We are a supportive team.

Ideal for attorney working permanently from home. At-home flexibility allows attorney to care for his/her family, pursue other full-time career interests.

Great opportunity to supplement full-time income while doing work that makes a difference in the lives of others. You won’t get “rich,” but your life will be enriched!

Opportunity for professional development, reporting directly to the Founder/Chief Counsel.

Position Description:

Opening nationwide for two (2) Part-Time Public Interest Attorneys to serve with national public interest law office – working primarily remotely on a permanent basis. 

This is an on call/as needed part-time position, working from 0 to 10 hours per week (if feasible, could lead to more hours as desired).

The position is for an at will, 1099 independent contractor. As such, the position is without employee benefits. 

Our Public Interest Attorneys play a pivotal role in advancing our mission at WARN, which is to help eradicate workplace abuses such as bullying, harassment and retaliation, protect the rights of whistleblowers, and lead efforts in support of police accountability for abuse of authority.


Responsible for every stage and element of legal case management – from initial filing to conclusion of the matter. Ensures that all assigned cases and documentation are filed timely and accurately.

May work jointly with fellow Public Interest Attorney on certain cases to share workload. 

May be asked to represent clients in hearings, depositions, proceedings or case-related meetings. Will be accompanied by the Chief Counsel whenever possible.

Participates in virtual (remote) team meetings and contributes to strategic planning. Team meetings will be scheduled around your convenience and availability so not to interfere with other commitments. 

Other duties as assigned by the Chief Counsel.


Up to $300 per week (depending on how many cases are accepted by WARN and other factors)

$100 Annual December Holiday Bonus 

Please Note: Unlike most law offices, WARN does not charge clients for travel in order to represent the client in legal proceedings or forums. However, if you are requested by the Chief Counsel to travel, all associated travel expenses, where reasonable and pre-approved by the Chief Counsel, will be timely reimbursed. 

This position can be a good fit for a stay-at-home parent who would like to work primarily from home. It may also be appealing to a retired (or semi-retired) attorney who wishes to give something back. New attorneys with at least one year of practice experience, and who are passionate about social justice, may also find this to be an exciting opportunity to gain experience in public interest law. 

Qualifications and Requirements:

Current, active member of Bar in good standing, within any U.S. jurisdiction. Membership in the District of Columbia Bar and some experience with federal employment law preferred, though not required. 

At least one year of full-time experience practicing law required.

Strong character and professional ethics are essential. Office computer proficiency, reliable fast internet access, familiarity with virtual conferencing.

Excellent communication skills – verbal and written.

Excellent organizational skills – in particular the ability to manage sizeable amounts of documentation in an organized and timely manner with precision and attention to details.

Excellent critical thinking and analysis skills.

Strong legal research skills.

Excellent strategic planning and problem-solving skills.

Dependable and committed to public interest law and social justice.

Team player who is willing to pitch in and help teammates, regardless of the task needed.

Excellent time-management skills and ability to meet deadlines.

Flexible, adaptable to changing circumstances.

Excellent people skills and appreciation for diversity. 

Strong work ethic and a willingness to go the extra mile when needed.

Ability to take direction but also ability to work independently without constant supervision.

Strong character and professional ethics are essential.

To Apply:

Send requested information below to: whistleblower@attorneytitus.com

1. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our organization and determine whether you feel this is the organization for you: https://warn-honor.com/warn-faqs

2. Please send us your current Resume, limited to three (3) pages, Pdf, including your jurisdiction and Bar number.

3. Only upon request, provide three (3) letters of recommendation.

4. Along with your resume, please send us a one (1) page, Pdf, Statement of Purpose, specifically addressing the following five questions:

(1) Have you read thoroughly through our FAQS?
(2) Why do you feel you would be a good fit for this position?
(3) Why do you wish to join our exceptional team?

(4) What do you hope to contribute to our mission if selected?
(5) What do you hope to gain if selected?

Please Note:

At WARN, we adhere to the highest standards of quality in our work products. This is your opportunity to show us that you can produce top quality professional work, free of typos and grammatical errors. Material that is poorly written will not be considered further, regardless of the candidate’s credentials.

Our review will begin November 1, 2021. These positions will remain open until filled. If you are not inclined to apply, please kindly share this opportunity broadly with people whom you feel are qualified and interested in this exciting public interest law opportunity.  Thank you!

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