I have a different perspective. First, I don’t think “revenge” is what the target of bullying would be wise to seek. Secondly, I respectfully disagree with any suggestion that one should simply “ignore” the bully, in the perhaps naive hopes that the bully will just go away.

Bullying, especially in the workplace, takes a heavy toll on the emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing of the person being bullied. Suggesting that one simply ignore the bully is tantamount to asking a human being to ignore any other form of abuse inflicted upon her or him.

I wrote a book on the subject of workplace bullying THE WHISTLEBLOWER: Defeating Bullies, Harassers & Management Gang Retaliation, based on the factual account of my experience as an attorney successfully taking legal action against my former employer – a large federal agency. I prevailed in my action and reached a very honorable legal settlement.

Rather than using the funds from my settlement award to purchase a fancy car or sip wine in Paris, I used the funds to write a book and start my own national law office helping whistleblowers and survivors of workplace bullying, harassment and retaliation!

I don’t see my success “revenge” against the bullies and harassers in my former agency. However, I do see it as poetic justice!

Thus, that is my message to those targeted by workplace bullies. Don’t seek revenge.” And by all means avoid violence.

But also don’t simply do nothing. You are not the bully’s doormat. YOU DESERVE BETTER!

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