Picking the wrong target means that the bully has targeted someone who will stand up for himself or herself (peacefully – the attached photo is just for fun), as opposed to taking the abuse and adopting the victimhood mindset.

Many targets of workplace bullying take the sheepish approach of just quitting and seeking greener pastures elsewhere. No pushback. No standing up for oneself. Just take flight.

That’s precisely what the workplace bully and management gang desires. Thus, nothing in the bullying culture changes. On to the next sheep.

I wrote a book on the subject of workplace bullying, The Whistleblower: Defeating Bullies, Harassers & Management Gang Retaliation, based on the factual account of my experience as an attorney successfully taking legal action against my former employer – a large federal agency.

I prevailed in my action, and reached a very honorable legal settlement. They chose the wrong person to bully and harass!

Rather than use the funds from my settlement award to purchase a fancy car or sip wine in Paris, I used the funds to write a book and start my own national law office helping whistleblowers and survivors of workplace bullying, harassment and retaliation!

Thus, in my experience, not only did I stand up to workplace bullies and the management gang – unfortunately including their HR colluders – during my employment, I continued the fight to change the workplace bullying culture even after I resigned.

The bullying cohort did not count on that!

Everyone has the ability to fight back. And even if one must do so anonymously using pseudo names in support of anti-bullying efforts, then engage somehow. The point is, stand up – civilly and peacefully! Do something!


Stay safe and healthy, all!

Shenandoah Titus, Esq.

Author, CEO, Anti-Bullying Expert

Whistleblower Anti-Bullying Resource Network (WARN)

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