Chief Counsel Remarks

Thank you very kindly for your interest in WARN!  As a preliminary matter, I chose to name this office WARN because the term aptly fits what whistleblowers do.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines the term “warn” as noted below:

“To make someone aware of a possible danger or problem so that it can be avoided.”

That is precisely what we whistleblowers do. We alert. We sound the alarm in the face of danger or a threat to the common good. And we do so without regard to the consequences to ourselves.

We value service above self.

Shenandoah Titus Whistleblower Book

A brief point of information. For whom is my book written? And for whom is WARN established? 

Virtually all whistleblowers suffer workplace bullying, harassment, and management gang retaliation. Therefore, we are here for you – the whistleblower. 

Yet literally thousands of people – perhaps millions, who are not whistleblowers in the conventional sense also endure the same workplace cruelties. We are here for you as well. 

WARN is inclusive, not exclusive. But we are no less focused. Whether or not you are a traditional whistleblower as narrowly defined by the law, we believe firmly in your human right to live and work free of harassment, bullying and retaliation. 

Hopefully, as you become more familiar with our noble endeavors, your current interest will transcend into passion! We will need as many passionate, committed friends and supporters across the country as we can get.

You may ask yourself – “What can I do to advance the whistleblower movement?” At least, I should hope you are pondering that question.
Of course, you can always choose to take the beaten path and do absolutely nothing. That is precisely what bullies are counting on – your apathy, intimidation and fear, thus allowing them to continue to abuse you, or your family members, friends or coworkers.

Yet I do not think you would be visiting our website if fear is your path of choice. I think you are much stronger than that. I think you are here because you want to act!

Good news. There are a few significant things you can do to advance our shared cause of protecting human rights in the workplace. You can begin to act right now!

First, you can share this website via every means at your disposal! We cannot effectively help people if they do not know of our existence.

Secondly, you can recommend my book to family, friends, coworkers and via social media to help get the word out:  

THE WHISTLEBLOWER: Defeating Bullies, Harassers & Management Gang Retaliation 

Note: I have no aspirations to achieve “fame & fortune” from my book. Every book sale enables WARN to assist survivors of workplace abuse across the nation, regardless of their financial circumstances.
It’s all about service!

Third, as a natural follow up from the above comment, after reading the book you can share your thoughtful reviews on Amazon. I wish to be perfectly clear on this point. I am absolutely not soliciting positive book reviews from you. Note that above I invite you to share your “thoughtful” reviews. I did not state “positive” reviews.

Thoughtful reviews may be positive or negative. They are simply more substantive, intellectually engaged, and free of bias and pessimism.

My book is not written for the pessimistic naysayer, or the establishment media critic who, after all, has bosses to appease. Rather, the book is written for YOU – the father, husband, wife, mother, significant other, child, student – who demands respect and dignity in the workplace and who refuses to be the bully’s helpless victim.

Accordingly, since the book is written for you, only you can determine whether this work will reach the multitude of people across the nation who share your pain. Hence, you have an important role to play in this effort!

Finally, you can be supportive of those whom you know may be suffering workplace abuse at this very moment. I discuss in my book why many people stand by idly while their coworkers, some of whom were considered “friends,” are bullied and harassed. The silent, so-called friend does not want to risk losing his or her luxuries and comfort in life by taking a stand and doing what is right.

Make sure you do not become that very fair-weather friend whom you detest. Bullies and harassers thrive on silence and perceived cowardice. Make it known by your ethical actions that you are not a coward.

Be the friend that you expect others to be to you.

Once more, I sincerely thank you for taking an interest in our work at WARN. Hopefully, through your actions as noted above, you will join our cause – indeed our Movement!

All the best,


“Some people make things happen. Some watch things happen. While others wonder what has happened!”  (unknown)