Ivy Letters: Meditations for Resilient (repeat) Bar Examinees

Ivy Letters: Meditations for Resilient (repeat) Bar Examinees is considered to be the first book ever dedicated to candidates who have been unsuccessful on their first attempt at the bar exam. Most books on bar exam preparation give short shrift (if even that) to this issue, and treat the topic nervously as though “failing” the bar exam is a dirty, shameful family secret best left in the closet.

Shenandoah Titus, a duly sworn licensed Attorney At Law and former official with the United States Department of Homeland Security, changes all that with this groundbreaking book of meditations. Attorney Titus makes it abundantly clear that there is no shame or dishonor in having a rematch (or rematches) with the bar exam. He’s been there.

Attorney Titus introduces a new and powerful vernacular in his book. His objective is to instill a sense of pride and strength in men and women who have shown the tenacity, indeed RESILIENCE, to step back into the bar ring.

This is the ORIGINAL book for resilient bar examinees, though many other books of this nature are likely to follow, now that the veil of shame has been lifted.

Go with what works for you. Stay resilient before and after you pass the bar and become an attorney.

This book, more than any other to date, is designed to help you get there.