Ivy Letters: Practical Advice on Passing the Bar Exam

Ivy Letters: Practical Advice on Passing the Bar Exam, is unique in the bar exam preparation market. The book has a conversational tone, and is premised on practical, down to earth advice that will help the bar candidate think more astutely about the bar exam and consider some blind spots that virtually every bar prep book on the market overlooks.

Very importantly, Ivy Letters helps the bar candidate get into the proper mental space that is necessary to do well on the bar exam. Most bar prep books fail to appreciate the value of mentally preparing oneself to win on this challenging exam.

In this work,Attorney Shenandoah Titusmakes no promiseswhich he cannot deliver (and indeed no book in good faith can promise success on the bar exam). The reader will find no gimmicks, no short-cuts, no easy recipes to success on the bar exam that do not call for hard and smart work.

Moreover, the author does not shy away from controversy in this book. He boldly asserts that the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) can actually be an asset, yet the MBE has been exploited by the commercial bar market as a fright tactic to boost commercial bar prep sales. Having scored well above the national average on the MBE, Attorney Titus provides insight based upon personal experience.

Attorney Titus, a former official with the United States Department of Homeland Security, is Founder and CEO of WARN (Whistleblower & Anti-Bullying Resource Network). He is author of the companion book – Ivy Letters: Meditations for Resilient (repeat) Bar Examinees.

He writes from the heart and from practical experience, all with the goal of helping bar candidates nationwide achieve their dream of earning their law license. Equally important, his books seek to encourage future attorneys to be thoughtful, passionate advocates for justice – especially on behalf of the underdog.