Fee FAQs


What is the fee for the Complaint Review Service?

We offer this service at a modest, one-time flat fee of $1,200.

What can I expect from this service?

We believe that each complaint deserves our full attention and should be approached individually. We will conduct an analysis and provide you with our written feedback. The fee also includes one (1) hour of dialogue with our Chief Counsel.

Is there an opportunity for reduced fees in the Complaint Review Service?

Yes. We have a maximum page limit of 25 pages. If, however, your complaint is ten (10) pages or under, your fee will be reduced to $650. You will still receive our full service.

Do I pay prior to the Complaint Review, or afterwards?

Full payment is required prior to receiving our Complaint Review Service.

How do I pay?

We accept secure electronic payments. You will receive an invoice for your records. Once we receive your request via our Contact Form (see link below), and if your complaint is accepted for review, we will communicate further as to our payment process.

Am I entitled to a refund if I am not pleased with your services?

You will find that our prices are most reasonable, considering our unique expertise. Accordingly, we do not provide refunds for any of our services. We advise you to conduct careful research into all available avenues of assistance before requesting our services.


Does WARN charge billable hours for services?

No, which is another distinction of WARN. Unlike many law firms, as a matter of principle we will never charge billable hours – meaning the practice of charging clients for every phone call, email, and every instance wherein the attorney is providing some form of service for the client – even if simply offering emotional support.

We strive to see the human side of every matter that we assist in. Hence, if you become a client for legal representation, all phone calls and reasonably brief emails between you and counsel will be free of charge. We are transparent in our fees – no surprises!

How much would it cost if I am represented by WARN?

We do not have a set fee “one size fits all” approach. Our fees may be governed by an assessment of the complexity of your case. Although legal representation anywhere is expensive, as a public interest law office we strive to ease your financial burden where we can, within reason.

Here are some helpful guidelines regarding our legal fees:

1) Unlike many law offices, as a matter of principle we do not charge for travel, lodging and meal expenses. If we need to travel to assist you anywhere within the U.S., we will cover all travel costs incurred by us.

2) We do not impose fee hikes of any kind or for any reason. The hourly fee agreement that we reach at the beginning of our attorney/client relationship shall remain in effect throughout our representation of you.

3) For the foreseeable future, our fees will be below $550 per hour – in some cases considerably below that amount.

In Summary: We will make every reasonable effort to assist as many people as we possibly can. If we are able to provide legal representation for you, we will enter a contractual attorney/client relationship which will address in detail our services and fees.

Please see WARN FAQs for information regarding our office and services.

Disclaimer: This document is for informational purposes only, and does not serve as an offer to contract in whole or in part or to establish an attorney/client relationship.

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