Wrongly Accused

Were you ever wrongly accused of harassment and
did the truth come out in the end?

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Indeed, I have been wrongly and maliciously accused of workplace harassment and bullying. In my book, I describe a conniving tactic employed by the very supervisors whom I had originally brought up on charges of harassment, bullying and retaliation.

Get this, they sought to accuse me, who served at the time as the Department’s Anti-Harassment Program Manager, of harassing them.

Their rationale? Anyone who filed harassment charges against management must, by default, be harassing management! What circuitous logic! They sought to turn the tables on me.

Think about this for a second. Under this deceptive reasoning, the target of workplace bullying had two equally damning options: either accept being bullied and harassed by management on a daily basis – or – file a complaint against management and be accused of harassing management!

Clearly it was a ploy designed to have me throw up my hands in despondency and just quit the job on the spot. Of course, they failed to realize that Shenandoah Titus never runs from a fight, no matter how unfair and overwhelming the odds may be.

What did I do when faced with this corrupt plot? I fully documented their scheme to deprive me of my right to due process. I kept my cool, remained calm and professional at all times.

And when the evidence was sufficient in my judgment as an attorney and anti-bullying expert, I took the fight to them. Their own fully documented subterfuge led to my successful legal action, where I received 100 percent of my settlement demands!

I have since resigned so that I could be free to author a book, and start a national law office committed to helping people confront workplace bullying. That was certainly not the sheepish outcome that management bullies had hoped for, and unfortunately gets in most cases.

But it was poetic justice!

Shenandoah Titus, Esq., CEO of WARN (Whistleblower Anti-Bullying Resource Network)  WARN-Honor.com

Attorney Shenandoah Titus – The Whistleblower E-Book

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